Zen and the art of reading book reviews (when they don’t like your book)

Storm Tide just got it’s first bad review. I won’t go into detail, since I’m not into self flagellation, but let’s just say this reader won’t be picking up my next book in a hurry.

So what’s a gal to do? How does one respond to such a thing? I mean I don’t have to respond to him actually, he’s somewhere in Florida, thank goodness, a whole continent away, but I mean in my heart, how am I to respond?

My first reaction was to give him the finger (figuratively, of course), but now I’m not sure where to go from there. Maybe he has something valuable to say. Maybe there’s something in his dislike for the book that can teach me something. Hmmm… maybe I’m not ready to move on to that reaction yet. Give me a day or two of sticking him the finger.

I guess it was inevitable that someone wouldn’t like my book. Maybe many people won’t, but that’s not going to stop me is it? Surely not. Maybe I’ll just ignore it, turn that page and move on to the next project (with a quick review of positive reviews to bolster me first). And while I’m at it I’ll practice the art of being zen about bad book reviews. Ommmmmmm…..

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  1. Two fingers from this girl!

    But yeah, I guess the tough love is there. I was wounded when KP received a "meh" from a young adult and spent a day ruminating about it. I am considering not reading any reviews unless the publisher sends them to me (b/c those are mostly positive).

    S'okay: the next story's going to rock the world.

  2. No good book should please everyone. If it did then the work would have no edge, no push. We can't always be liked, but we can be respected and that's what a negative review is: it's a sign of respect. Somebody bothered. In your heart, it's good to be grateful for any valuable insights into yourself or your work.

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