writing lessons for a new year

This is what I have learned about my writing process. With each project I work on, I take it to a certain point, then I need help. I write the best prose I can, then I fire it off to a trusted friend who edits for me. She (it’s always a she)finds million ways to improve my writing, to punch it up, to deepen it, to make it more colourful. As soon as she points out these places where my writing can improve I see them immediately. She’s right, so right, how did I miss that?

The thing is, I see the path to stronger prose clearly, but only after someone points it out to me. So here’s my lesson for the new year: accept this as part of the process. Don’t feel stupid about it; embrace it as a valuable gift from a friend and buckle up for the next round. Enough with wishing I could make it past this stage on my own. It’s just part of the process.

So a big thanks to all my friends who have taken me past this stage in my writing. Alex, I hope you’re reading this. Your editing rocks!

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