Usher and Akon

I went to an Usher concert the other day. Let me set the stage for you. Vancouver and it’s pouring rain and my son, our friend and I and, oh about 20 thousand other people stream onto Rogers stadium. We all find our seats ( yes we were sitting apart-who wants embarrassing old mum sitting next to them after all) and the concert started. At first two men and a turntable came on and I thought did we come all the way to Vancouver for this? But then Akon came on and the crowd exploded and all was good. Favourite moments? When Akon put on a Canucks jersey and the crowd exploded. When Usher rode a platform across the arena in a space man’s suit and watching my boys have the time of their lives. Worse moment? When Usher dripped sweat all over the girl he brought up on stage. Is Usher sweat worth more than most people’s. She seemed to think so, but oh yuck.

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