Summer Fun

Sometimes it’s hard to sit down at the computer in the summer, and this year it’s been harder than ever. I only wrote one thing this summer, and it’s the opening paragraphs of a new book for kids. Fantasy! A new genre for me. Can’t wait to get back at it.
Here’s the first paragraph:
The awesomest thing about being a shifter is flying. I’ve only done it once for like, 10 seconds, but it was amazing. Incredible. I was a snowy owl. Most of the other kids in the class chose eagles and falcons, but for me, the silent glide of the owl was what I wanted. People don’t realize that shape shifting isn’t just about changing shape. It’s also about changing energy. And it’s hard. I got stuck as a tree for almost a week once. Boring. Who knew being a tree took so much energy. I mean, you know it’s going to take energy to fly, that’s why we only tried it for 10 seconds, but I thought being a tree would be easy, so I didn’t put enough energy into the change, and that’s how I got stuck there.

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