Karmic Virtues Of Waiting

I’ve been pondering the karmic virtues of waiting. I seem to spend a lot of my time waiting for things, and the question I have is, is it better to wait–to let the fates have their way and to flow with life, or to take control and move things along, even when it might seem like a backwards movement? For example, an editor has had a little manuscript of mine for quite some time now. We have worked a lot on it together, and she is enthusiastic about it. But, the publishing house doesn’t have any money right now, so progress on the book has been stalled. I like working with this woman, and want to stay with her, so I keep waiting. But maybe that’s not the right thing. Maybe I should just take the manuscript back and start again, looking for another publisher. My husband is in the same position with a job. To wait, while the slow cogs of bureaucracy turn, in the hopes that the time and energy he has put in will pay off, or to make a change and take his chances there. This is the question he asks. Now that I have written this, the answer seems more clear. Taking control always seems like a good thing. although, I also see virtue in letting life flow over us. Maybe what I should really cultivate is patience!

Living Art

Walking home today I was thinking about all of the art that surrounds us. The cakes my cousin makes for her friends, the flower arrangements I saw at an art opening. The quilts my Mum makes. All those things that we love and which make our lives beautiful, but which no one ever pays for or gives us awards for or interviews us about. The home art. I’d like to start celebrating these small bits of art that people, usually women, but not always, bring into my life. I’m pondering ways to do this, and thinking about what makes art art. Why are some types of art things that can be sold for lots of money or currated on a wall for many people to enjoy and other pieces of art we just say oh that’s nice and never think about it again. There’s something there about how capital A art is more thought provoking, or pushes us in some way. But the home art holds something else in it. An expression of creativity, a fine use of colour or texture. These things are often gifts of love. These are important expressions of art too aren’t they? These are my musings of the day as I walk home with the dog.