Bees in my garden

I have bees in my garden. If that seems like a celebratory statement, it’s because it is. I was just listening last week to a Quirks and Quarks podcast about how bees around the world are disappearing,, and then today I was sitting in my garden, and there were bees. The thing is, over the past few years I’ve been changing my garden over from flowers to vegetables. But the bees were in the flowers, which I still have a lot of. There they were, pollinating the lavender and roses, and ignoring the vegetables. Seeing the bees there reminded me why I had planted the garden in the first place, which was to create an oasis of scent and beauty, and that still seems like a good idea, even if I also know that growing food is important. A bit of both perhaps, because we eat the food, and it’s good for our bodies, but the scent and sunning beauty of the flowers is good for our souls–and the bees.

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